Secondary School

  • We maintain a connected relationship to the values, the skills and philosophies set in the primary school, endeavouring to rise to higher advanced levels of attainment.
  • The School offers comprehensive and qualitative education.
  • The academic curriculum is based on the Nigeria curriculum and education system which operatesconcurrently with the English National curriculum.


Presently the subjects we offer include: – 


English Language, Literature in English, French, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa


Mathematics, Further / Additional Mathematics

Science & Technology

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, ICT,



Social Studies & Humanities:

Civics, History, Geography, Government, Christian Religious Knowledge, Islamic Religious Studies


Economics, Business Studies

Creative and performing Arts

Fine Art, Music

Basic Technology

Physical Education, Technical Drawing, Home Economics.

The KIA Lakeside Academy curriculum offers a wide range of extramural activities which include sport, intellectual and cultural activities. The aim of our extra mural program is to compliment student’s academic performance- an extension of the classroom.

The broader curriculum is aimed at:

  • Developing the subject knowledge, skills and understanding needed to become aware of the world at large.
  • Developing an international mindset alongside awareness of own nationality.
  • Developing the ability to think and behave independently.
  • Emphasising learning and ensuring each student discovers their own learning style.
  • Developing the habits of an energetic, wholesome and productive life.
  • Developing the mastery of the skills of communication and learning.
  • Developing interests, skills and attitudes for the worthy use of leisure time.
  • Developing leadership qualities and skills.
  • Developing moral values and individual spiritual character.
“It is our conclusive philosophy to keep challenging students to rise to a higher level of performance in every area of their school and personal life by continuously raising the benchmark for achievement .”
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